Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pressure direct sales model, "Yang Shuai" Miller came to power Dell

Following the newspaper first reported yesterday, "Mass Dell China president sudden departure", the Dell yesterday to the "Daily Economic News" sent e-mail, said Dell CEO Foo decided to retire, "Yang Shuai" Miller will take over its duties.

Miller served as Dell Australia and New Zealand vice president and managing director, in January this year, Dell began to break constitute "double executive" leadership framework to lay the groundwork to take over the work of Foo. Now, wheat will be independent of the leadership of Dell's business in China and Hong Kong, the transition will be completed by the end of November.

Dell's high-profile official confirmed the Foo's external performance. But analysts believe that poor performance is the main character left. Gartner Group Asia Pacific hardware Ye Lei, chief analyst of the "Daily Economic News", said Dell's direct model does not fully meet the Chinese market, on the other hand, Dell, Lenovo and HP to snatch a lot of the market.鍙剁璁や负锛屾埓灏旂殑闂锛屼笉鏄崲甯呭氨鑳藉鍦ㄧ煭鏃堕棿鍐呰В鍐崇殑銆?br />


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