Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yuan Meng: Ubuntu 9.10 new version of the debut

Beijing time 22:30, Ubuntu 9.10 released. People to each other to celebrate the arrival of this moment.

I was in the last 23:24 was found Ubuntu website banners "Ubuntu 9.10 is here", I immediately "Ubuntu laboratory" calls that come to celebrate this moment. To tell the truth, a lot of new 9.10 version, which re-design the whole system software, the person's experience (or demand) placed in the center (heart of). October 26, in a conference call, Mark Shuttleworth, Mr. said the goal be achieved. It can be said, Ubuntu has taken a big step forward.

In fact, download the 9.10 version of the ISO file, be made Live USB (or DVD), not difficult, there is a corresponding installation tool. The 9.10 version, as the self system, into the U disk has many benefits, allows more users to experience new features of version 9.10. That is, with Live USB, the user need not undergo the pain of installation, you can easily enjoy the new version of the wonderful experience.

The new version is Ubuntu 9.10 Ubuntu website called "Free Operating System for your desktop". If the remark seriously, its meaning is quite profound. Look, Ubuntu 9.10 version seems closer to the GNU / Linux (ie gNewSense) the true meaning of the specific situation is unclear. 9.10 version new features are: fast start, beautiful interface, easy to use, and in close connection with the cloud. Cloud computing and the perfect hook to Ubuntu 9.10 version into a modern sense of personal desktops, to be exact, is an advanced "self-Desktop." We are convinced, Ubuntu 9.10 custom version of the Chinese culture charming ease of use, and Windows 7 must have a go.

Ubuntu 9.10 release, Ubuntu is actually a branch of the concentration of released versions, such as: Kubuntu 9.10, Xubuntu 9.10, Edubuntu 9.10 and the Internet version of the dedicated Remix 9.10 (for 20 kinds of online version). According to foreign media reports, Ubuntu 9.10 is the XP upgrade old systems and old customers a viable choice, comparison, too expensive to upgrade to Win 7, in particular its flagship edition (2,460 yuan a).

Yesterday afternoon, I met in Shenzhen to Beijing on behalf of Miss Liu Jialu Wu Bangtuo (in the bottom of an Office Building Yuyuantan South Russian restaurant), to discuss the enterprise cloud computing platform and the U disk of mass production problems. We unanimously recognized that, at present, Live USB (U disk that is self-starting) the market demand has been formed, must act. In our case, this "self-desktop" never seen before. We believe, U disk-to-market, all kinds of criticism will disappear, of course, so whoever has the standout.

Description: Ubuntu 9.10 new release, the positive evaluation of the foreign media, many people have high hopes for its. Many PC manufacturers are optimistic about the market prospects of pre-installed Ubuntu. At present, a medium-intensity global Ubuntu ecosystem is emerging, and is healthy growth, gradually showing a GNU / Linux desktop enormous power. If we do not see the objective development trend (gNewSense rise), it will lose the direction.

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