Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To work without selection, the problem you thought about it?

It was no work, no work to do. University graduates who now is the season to find a job, many graduates of the special recruitment will also be held continuously, can the one hand, many students complained about the increasing difficulty in finding the other hand, has to find the right company talent and frustration.

This year, the College Expansion in China after the second peak year of graduate employment, Zhejiang Province, a total of 12.7 million full-time graduate students, compared with 93,000 in 2003 increased by 3.4 million, plus various types of secondary school, Zikao , adult education graduates are expected to exceed 20 million total. Source of graduates this year, a total of 3551 people Xiaoshan Sheng, an increase in the number of last year. In the severe employment situation, graduates find jobs in our region underscores two major contradictions: first, professional dislocation.鎴戝尯浼佷笟瀵瑰伐绉戠被姣曚笟鐢熼渶姹傞噺杈冨ぇ锛岃?鍥炶惂灞辩殑姣曚笟鐢熷熀鏈互鏂囩绫讳负涓伙紝瀵艰嚧姣曚笟鐢熼毦浠ユ壘鍒颁笓涓氬鍙g殑宸ヤ綔銆?Second, college graduates expectations too high to meet its employment needs.

It is understood that our region produces each year about 3,500 college graduates, about 1 / 3 of college graduates in the field of employment after graduation, some students need more than 2,000 local digestion. To do college graduates employment, the district personnel departments take active measures to guide college graduates employment.

First, this year's hiring of civil servants and public institutions in the recruitment of staff, candidates try to give priority to the process of membership in Xiaoshan graduates.

Second, through the Session in the form of free exchange, as no fresh college graduates, the employment structure of employment platform.

Third, graduates of the family particularly difficult to recommend priorities and policies to the extent permitted to help in guiding them to employment.

In the July 11 session of Xiaoshan Sheng held for the 2004 graduates of special recruitment at the source, based platform to enterprise-based recruitment, but many graduates are not interested in working on into the business, knowing that many college graduates into the organs and institutions of work not much hope, but still on the sidelines to achieve first-time job, and some would rather stay at home and was unwilling to enterprises.

District Personnel Bureau, a responsible person, with the continuous development of Xiaoshan industrial enterprises, enterprises have become the main employers of the absolute, but many college graduates were significantly less to adapt to this reality, their position is not accurate enough, it was even non-public institutions not to enter this man-made employment difficult.

Experts Recommend words: secondary vocational school graduates just entering the campus community to the future with the hopes and vision, this is a good thing, but must face the reality we face the severe employment situation and fierce competition in the market - after all, , desire is one thing, the reality is just one issue. Not too much to expect smooth sailing in the course of employment with one step, to give up some ambitious, unrealistic fantasy, set up employment before choosing career and business ideas.涔嬫墍浠ュ皢鈥滃氨涓氣?涓ゅ瓧鏀惧湪鈥滄嫨涓氣?鍓嶉潰锛屽彧鎯宠〃鏄庯細鎷╀笟杩滄瘮灏变笟瑕佽壈闅惧緱澶氾紝鍙湁鍏堝浼氬氨涓氾紝鎵嶄細鏈夋洿澶氱殑璧勬湰鍘绘嫨涓氥? The inexperienced, the "chopsticks" not yet in place, too many choosers is clearly a lack of grasp of their own performance.


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